My Partner Tried This on Me, and I Gushed with Happiness

internet + curiosity = pleasure



Photo by BĀBI on Unsplash

I usually say that the internet + curiosity equals pleasure. My relationship never stands still because my partner and I are always trying some crazy things we find out there. We never get tired of each other because we are always renewing our “energy” with new adventures — And this time it was no different, we learned something fun again, lol.

But this time it was my partner who surprised me with the discovery of a new technique he saw on the internet. According to him, this was said to be the supreme technique that few people knew about to make any woman happy behind closed doors. Not that he needed to try very hard to make me weak in the knees — But I can confirm to you that this was the best learning experience he had in recent months and that it actually made a big difference in the bedroom.

But what exactly is this technique about? How to apply it to your partner? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this? I know you must have these questions in your head, but don’t worry, I will answer them all right now.

First, this technique basically involves thinking of your partner as a fighting game in an arcade.

Confusing, no?

But I’ll make this clearer for you: the same circular movement that you make with the joystick of an arcade machine, you will do with your partner. You must understand where I’m going with this, lol.

Yes, I’m talking about tantric massage.

When my partner came up with this idea, I was immediately on board. I had heard about this before, but we had never tried to put it into practice as the “scriptures” said — I was really excited and eager to test this out as soon as possible.

Honestly, at the beginning, I didn’t really know what to expect from all this. But after my partner started “playing”, I understood that this was something much more than special — It was definitely a technique from the gods, lol.

I just loved how this type of massage made me feel so relaxed and at the same time excited. If I were to give an honest example of how I felt about this, I would say it was like I was flying on Aladin’s flying carpet