That’s How I Keep My Boyfriend on a Tight Leash

If I ask, he’ll even bark for me



Photo by Thiago Rebouças on Unsplash

My boyfriend does everything for me. If I ask for water he gets it, if I ask for affection he gives it to me, if I ask for money he lends it to me — I trained him very well to satisfy my desires, and as a reward, I give him what he wants most: pleasure and pampering.

We have a very good exchange relationship. He does what I ask and I reward him with what he wants most. We are like two Lego dolls that fit together in perfect harmony to meet our needs. And I like this.

It’s not like we were like this from the beginning. I needed to train him a lot to get to where we are. At first, he was much tougher with me, but after I started applying some domination and seduction techniques, I managed to leave him in the palm of my hand.

For example: imagine a dog that, when trained, does everything you ask in exchange for a bone. This is more or less how our relationship works now — And you can also try this with your partner.

But don’t worry, don’t think that this is a one-way game where only you will benefit. It’s like an old saying in my hometown: “If you want to laugh, you have to make people laugh” — So, yes, I will teach you the technique that will make your partner do whatever you want, but in return, you must also…