Why Men Like Small Breasts

They’re easy to hold, don’t cause back pain, and are almost always beautiful!



Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

In the same way that large breasts are seen in a good light, the plains should also receive a little credit. Small breasts are phenomenal and I can prove it to you — They fit in your hand and feel like little stress balls.

Ok, indeed, they don’t stand out as much as those huge voluminous balls of flesh that some women have, but still, the little ones also have their charm.

For example, the chances that small breasts could cause some kind of traffic accident are practically nil (they are extremely harmless to life), while, some time ago in Moscow, a billboard with large breasts caused more than 500 traffic accidents. in a single day, lol.

Another fascinating thing you didn’t know about small breasts is that a bizarre study carried out by British researchers found that rich men prefer small breasts to large ones — In other words, if you’re part of that team that prefers smaller ones to larger ones, congratulations, apparently you’re rich.

Bizarreness aside, I have small breasts and I’ve always suffered a little from that. I have a little “breast inferiority complex” that makes me wonder if I should accept the fact that I have small breasts or if I should go to a surgery…